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Magnet Outlet offers a solution for every application. Choose the desired shape from the naked ferrite magnets or neodymium magnets: disc, bar, ring, block, cube or ball. Each shape has its own possibilities and fields of application. You will certainly find the right magnet.

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We provide both companies and private customers with custom magnets. As a wholesaler of magnets, we provide customers throughout the Benelux with suitable materials. Our range is particularly wide and includes magnets of all strengths, shapes and sizes. With us you are guaranteed to find the right magnet for the desired application. The powerhouse in our range is without a doubt the neodymium magnet. His nickname is the super magnet, and for good reason. You will not find them stronger. Avid sport fishermen are guaranteed to find the ideal specimen among our fishing magnets for hooking all kinds of treasures.

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Our webshop already reveals a large part of the range that we offer as a wholesaler in magnets, but that is certainly not all. Do you have special requests or are you unable to find a specific magnet? Our experienced employees are happy to provide you with expert advice, so that you always purchase the right product.