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Beginner Fishing magnet 200

This search magnet consists of strong neodymium with steel anchor and closed end hook (with thread).

Search magnets are treated with anti-corrosion plates to improve their use in water.
Survey magnets relate to magnetic look-up tools or fishing magnets. With these magnets you can find lost objects in open waters such as rivers, lakes and sewers.

This search magnet has a traction of 200kg in the air. As you know, the density of water is many times greater than that of air, so the magnet can bring up even much heavier objects under water!


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Technical information

Shape Pot with eyebolt
Diameter 75 mm
Height 15 mm
Material Neodymium
Thread M10
Adhesive force 200 kg
535 g
Maximum temperature 80℃
Tolerance +/- 0,1mm
Direction of magnetisation Axial
Coating Galvanised
Magnetic pole side South
Package Inclusive rope & carabiner